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I tried hiring an assistant months ago, and I remember how tedious it was.

I couldn’t help but think how nerve-racking it must be for hiring teams with much more to consider.

From putting up job descriptions to scouring through the list of job seekers looking at candidate profiles, candidate experience, skills, motivation, and a whole list of factors.

Plus, there are usually hundreds or sometimes thousands of job applicants to pick from.

The process is tiresome and doesn’t guarantee the most suitable candidates.

According to a Deloitte survey, finding qualified talents is a real challenge. 

AI Recruiting Software - Statistics Recruitment Challenges


But with AI recruiting software, companies can make significant improvements.

Businesses are turning to AI for numerous uses, including marketingcontent creation, and even video editing.

And according to information from Ideal, AI can also benefit your business in different ways. 

AI Recruiting Software - Benefits Statistics


Simply put, AI tools guarantee a much larger talent pool and a better talent acquisition process minus all the stress for the recruiting teams.

What that achieves is more time for hiring teams to focus on what matters, better hires, and more productivity.

If you’d like to quit using tiresome manual recruitment processes, check out the best AI recruitment tools below and what each one offers. 

SoftwarePricing (starts from)Free plan/trial?ATS IntegrationCandidate Engagement

1. Arya

AI Recruiting Software - Arya Homepage

Arya is an AI recruiting software created by Madhu Mogudu-led Leoforce. It supplies organizations and hiring managers with the necessary technology to understand and acquire talents through artificial intuition. 

The artificial intelligence technology measures more than 300 attributes to discover the best-qualified candidates most likely to fill a role successfully. Arya is, therefore, also an excellent software for job seekers to find the best opportunities.

AI Recruiting Software - Arya Diversity and Inclusion

Arya has three tailor-made products that lets organizations choose what’s best for their recruitment process. Arya Quantum acquires top talent by working with the company’s applicant tracking system, while Arya Fusion works independently. 

AI Recruiting Software - Arya Quantum

Meanwhile, the third product, Arya Pulse, is perfect for businesses that aren’t hiring many talents. It offers AI recruiting services on a per-talent basis. To use Arya Pule, you have to enter the job description containing skills, location, experience, and screening questions. 

AI Recruiting Software - Arya Pulse

The AI will search for the most suitable candidates, make suggestions, and let you make your selection.

Other notable features

All-in-one engagement platform. With Arya, you enjoy an all-in-one dashboard for recruiting and engaging candidates through multiple channels.

AI Recruiting Software - Arya Fusion
  • Candidate qualification beyond keywords. Unlike many recruitment software, Arya goes further to help you detect candidates that are most likely to succeed in your job, so you don’t have to hire again soon.
  • ATS integration. Arya’s open platform integrates seamlessly with Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). 
AI Recruiting Software - Arya ATS Integration
  • Promote diversity and eliminate bias. Each job and user has a wide range of functions for ensuring diversity. It also uses data masking to prevent unconscious bias.


Arya Pulse costs $599/job, but you can get a free demo on other products when you contact Arya’s sales team through the product page. However, according to Arya’s G2 page, Ayra fusion starts from $249/month for five jobs, while Arya Quantum allows ten positions for $995/month.

AI Recruiting Software - Arya Pricing

💬 The bottom line

Arya is a top AI recruitment software with robust AI recruiting tools. It features powerful AI and machine learning technologies, well-thought-out solutions, seamless processes, and a friendly interface that help talent acquisition teams get through their hiring process. 

2. HireEZ (Formerly Hiretual)

AI Recruiting Software - HireEZ Homepage

HireEZ was founded as Hiretual in 2018 by Steven Jiang and Xinwen Zhang. In 2022, they launched a completely new identity as part of attempts to communicate the readiness to advance AI recruiting.

HireEZ is an excellent outbound AI recruiting platform. This tool will help you source the best candidates to fill your roles quickly and efficiently. It achieves this by providing all the tools recruiters need.

Sourcing with HireEZ involves looking into a wide range of job databases, job boards, career sites, and social media sites like LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter, etc. There are also options to improve diversity and inclusion with the boolean builder for more freedom.

AI Recruiting Software - HireEZ Job Databases

Then, you can engage with candidates through easy-to-use email sequences or track email activities. Like many email marketing tools, HireEZ will support your engagement journey with email templates, notifications, and analytics. 

AI Recruiting Software - HireEZ Engagement

Other notable features

  • Do more from a single spot. HireEZ helps your talent acquisition team save time by incorporating a lot of tools you’d usually need additional software for. For instance, schedule planning lets you set up meetings quickly.
  • Do more with your existing tech stack. If your organization already has an applicant tracking system or CRM software, HireEZ can help you get more out of them with powerful integrations.
  • Open up to what matters. HireEZ rediscovery features will eliminate issues of double profiles while helping to rediscover the best talent. 
AI Recruiting Software - HireEZ Rediscovery
  • Remain competitive with valuable metrics. You will also access in-depth analytics and metrics about your recruiting process. This will not only help make better decisions but will also help stay ahead of the competition.
AI Recruiting Software - HireEZ Analytics


Individuals, startups, and SMBs can enjoy excellent services starting at $169/month. Others would have to get on the pricing page to get the best pricing system that suits their demands. 

AI Recruiting Software - HireEZ Pricing

💬 The bottom line

HireEZ is a powerful all-in-one AI recruiting software that’s perfect for all companies. It packs several powerful features to help any organization get suitable candidates without investing in multiple tools.

3. Fetcher

AI Recruiting Software - Fetcher Homepage

Fetcher started in 2016 as a mobile app that connected professionals to move their careers forward. The creators, Andres Blank and Chris Calmeyn discovered that the app indirectly helped recruiters to candidates.

So, they sought to create a more efficient software with personalization, automation, and a better overall experience. Fetcher focuses on improving talent acquisition by helping your TA team source relevant candidates and reaches out to them.

The candidate sourcing tool supports machine learning with human intelligence for best results. It can check massive databases in less time to produce quick well-arranged results in batches. 

AI Recruiting Software - Fetcher Candidate Sourcing

Engaging with candidates has never been easier with Fetcher’s automated emails. You can set up automatic responses, so things do not stop functioning in your absence.

AI Recruiting Software - Fetcher Email Templates

The same powerful automation applies to interview scheduling, so you do not miss anything. 

AI Recruiting Software - Fetcher Scheduling

Other notable features

  • Syncing and integration with a pool of tools. Already running on a tech stack or thinking of adopting a new one? It’s all still possible with Fetcher’s communication, scheduling, and ATS tools.
  • Knowing what works and how much they do. Every business needs analytics to give insights into important numbers. Fetcher’s analytics reveals a wide of details, from engagement and diversity to performance stats. 
AI Recruiting Software - Fetcher Analytics
AI Recruiting Software - Fetcher Metrics
  • Getting more qualified candidates from diverse groups. Fetcher has a built-in feature for assessing diverse candidates to promote inclusion.  
AI Recruiting Software - Fetcher Diversity and Inclusion


Pricing for Fetcher is only available by contacting the sales team.

💬 The bottom line

Fetcher is a readily scalable artificial intelligence recruiting software for busy individuals and hiring teams. Its powerful AI goes in-depth to supply the best results at all times and has all the tools to help you through all recruiting phases. 

4. TurboHire

AI Recruiting Software - TurboHire Homepage

TurboHire is a relatively new AI recruiting software launched in 2019. It is a talent intelligence platform that brings together everything you need to start and complete your hiring process.

This tool boasts “98% recruitment accuracy” with a “65% reduction in cost.” To achieve all that, it combines human creativity with machine intelligence.

When you input the job description, TurboHire searches multiple job boards and databases, career sites, social media sites, etc., to match you with potential candidates.

AI Recruiting Software - TurboHire Matching Candidates

The interviewing is also super efficient because of its all-in-one engagement platform that includes bulk and personalized emails, SMS, WhatsApp messages, calls, etc.  

AI Recruiting Software - TurboHire Candidate Engagement

The tracking system may operate independently or with your ATS.

AI Recruiting Software - TurboHire Candidate Tracking

But, that’s not all; TurboHire is always with you, with agency management, approval automation, reporting dashboards, and administrative assistance.

Other notable features

  • Numerous integrations for a smoother experience. A dive into the integrations page of TurboHire will reveal that it works alongside numerous tools to ease your candidate sourcing, scheduling, engagement, assessment, and verification.
  • Integration with ATS and HRM systems. If you already have a system in place, you will find that TurboHire slots in seamlessly to make it a lot better without any loss of information.
  • Never lose track of performance. TurboHire’s processes help you focus on important metrics. They also have the Recruitment Calculator that gives you insights into your processes’ effectiveness.
  • Compliance with the world’s best practices. With TurboHire, you have a recruitment process that is secure and compliant with the best practices. TurboHire uses encryption and various data security tools while ensuring GDPR compliance.


TurboHire has three plans with slightly different features. Each one comes with a free trial, and you can find out more on the pricing page.

AI Recruiting Software - TurboHire Pricing

💬 The bottom line

TurboHire is an all-in-one AI recruiting software with numerous excellent features for staying in control. It offers perfect collaboration between humans and AI and many helpful features for the best results.

5. Eightfold

AI Recruiting Software - Eightfold Homepage

Created by a team of artificial intelligence and machine learning experts, Eightfold is a powerful AI recruiting software that links people to the jobs they love to do. Its talent intelligence platform connects job seekers to recruiters using deep learning. 

AI Recruiting Software - Eightfold Candidate Sourcing

Deep learning is a branch of AI, and Eightfold employs it to analyze billions of profiles, skills, data points, etc. The result is valuable insights that advance recruitment, foster diversity, and encourage inclusion. 

AI Recruiting Software - Eightfold Diversity and Inclusion

More specifically, Eightfold can recognize candidates with the right skills for each job. In addition, it can assess your competitions and how you fare against them. This AI recruiting software will also present solutions, like projects, redeployment, and courses to improve your workforce. 

AI Recruiting Software - Eightfold Candidate Suggestion

Other notable features

  • Security and compliance. Eightfold ensures risk minimization by staying true to the highest compliance levels. It also prioritizes security to keep data safe and confidential.
  • Equal Opportunity Algorithms. This robust feature from Eightfold removes insight bias so you can always get the correct information.
  • All-in-one solution for all recruitment needs. Eightfold combines all the tools you need to source, hire, and manage talents.


Contact the sales team to learn more about pricing.

💬 The bottom line

In Eightfold, you have an AI recruiting software that focuses more on the job seekers’ perspective to help companies make the best hires. With the ability to scan through and make decisions on millions of candidate resumes, it is a fast, easy, and efficient recruiting tool.


It’s time companies employed AI when recruiting for roles within the organization. As a result, they will engage better candidates faster, more work can get done, the employed individuals hit the ground running quickly, and unqualified candidates can apply for other jobs in no time.

It’s a win-win for everyone. And that includes companies that can streamline their hiring process while ensuring diversity.

AI can also help with automated candidate engagement and communication, schedule planning, assessment, verification, and all other recruiting strategies you want them to.

As with many other AI technologies, AI recruiting is on the rise; hence, there are numerous tools with newer additions from time to time.

With the listed options above, you can guarantee your company’s best AI recruiting services with several features and price points.

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