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What Is SEO? A Beginners Guide 2024

People publish more than 30 Million blog posts every day. Only WordPress Webmasters and Bloggers publish more than 2 Million posts on the Internet Every day and almost 25 posts every second.

Can you imagine…?

And Google shows almost 10 results only on each page of SERP (Search Engine Results Page). People make more than 100 Billion searches every month on Google. And 99.9% users visit those 10 results to find their answers.

The study shows that almost 33% traffic users click on the first position in Google SERP and 60% users on Top 5 results. Top 9th & 10th results get only 2%-5% Clicks for that Keyword. No or negligible people visit on the 2nd page of the Google SERP. You can Hide Black Money on the 2nd or 3rd page of Google. No one finds that…

Websites which are showing on Google SERP’s first page results getting all the traffic without any cost. This free traffic is also known as “Organic Traffic”. Those websites don’t pay any Dollar to get that traffic. These websites are getting that traffic due to their Positions on the First Page of Google. And In Online World, more Traffic means more conversions/leads, means more money.

You can solve your 90% problems as a webmaster if you have more traffic. Because more traffic increases the chances of more awareness about your website, sales, and in the result of this you will get more revenue.

But if you have no traffic it means no income from your website…

Imagine, if you’re ranking on the first page of Google and users visit your website and you are making dollars and dollars…!

WOW! It’s Amazing… 😛

Do you like that…?

If yes then you can make it a reality… 🙂 Simple! Just hit the first page of Google and get a Position in Google Top 10 results.

But How?

The Answer is SEO…! It can be possible with SEO.

There are many other methods to drive traffic to your website. You can buy traffic from ad networks, social media, Google Adwords or with any other options. But Organic traffic is the high-quality traffic and without any cost.

You just have to need to improve your keywords rankings in Google.  That is possible with SEO.

What Is SEO?

SEO is the process of techniques to improve keywords ranking in Google & get Free Organic Traffic.


SEO is the process of Optimization techniques to get higher rankings in Google and free Organic traffic from Google Search.

Actually, SEO is not all about getting free Traffic. It is about to Show People What they are searching. For Example, if you are searching for keyword “SEO” then you will find SERP results related to SEO or What Is SEO or How to do SEO?

But if you search for Blogspot then you will find results related to Blogspot. Because you searched and want to know about SEO & Blogspot respectively.

But suppose that your site is ranking for keyword SEO. And when someone searches for SEO your site shows them and getting traffic related to your business. Means, you are getting tons of Targeted users related to your business ultimately which you can convert into loyal Customers.

This is the Power of SEO.

SEO reduces overall efforts if you are using it in right way. For example, you are a Digital Marketer and Offers Digital Marketing Consultation Services on your site. And you are ranking for the keyword “SEO” and getting lots of users on your website. But no one user using your Digital Marketing Services. Means you are unable to convert your users into Customers.

But On the Other hand, if you are ranking for the keyword;

“SEO Services” or “SEO services in (geo-location)” like as- SEO Services in USA, SEO Services in India or Specify the city like as- “SEO Services In New York”, “SEO Services In Ludhiana”, Digital Marketing Services and also ranking on those keywords.

There are more chances to get users that are convert-able to your customers for your SEO services or Digital Marketing Services than keywords: SEO or Digital Marketing respectively.

Because there is the difference between the user’s mentality, requirements or situations. It is called user intent.

Let me explain this; users whose search for “SEO” are looking to know or learn about SEO field. Maybe many of them have heard this “SEO” term for the first time and then search to know more about that what is SEO?

That’s why these users have very few chances to convert into your Customers. It may be possible that they become your clients in future but at the spot, it is nearly impossible.

On the other hand, when users are searching for “SEO services in ___________” have solid chances to convert to your clients. Because these people are looking for SEO specialist or SEO expert to hire for their businesses. That’s why they are searching for SEO services.

That way SEO reduces your overall efforts to increase your customers & ROI (Return on Investment). But only if you’re doing it the right way. Basically, for this, you have to need to understand your business, customers, and your goals. We will discuss later in this guide in detail, about that.

But before that, you should know about search Engines like as Google.

Yes, Google Is search engine, not the Internet. Yahoo, Ask, duck-duck go, AOL all are search engines. But Google Is More Popular and User-friendly Search Engine. That’s why it is very popular in all over the world.

  • People make more than 3 Billion searches per day on Google.
  • And more than 100 Billion searches every month.

Now, you can imagine that how much Popular is Google.

This is the reason why every marketer is targeting Google than others.

How Search Engine Works   

 A search engine is the Combination of the Algorithms that filter the web & shows relative results to the user’s query.

But How a Search engine filter & find Useful data on the Internet & How rank them on SERP…?

Actually, every search engine has robots which are known as Bots or Crawlers. These crawlers always finding new or updated content on the web. For this, crawlers continuously reach the websites or pages to find new published or updated content. Crawlers get information about that web page or website from the Meta tags of that site.

Means, Crawlers can read and understand Meta Tags like as- Title, Meta Description.  And when a user searches something in Google then Google filter that crawled data to find best sources related to the user’s query.

How Google Provide Rankings to Sites on SERP?

Google Uses very Complex Algorithms and looks for more than 250 ranking factors to rank a website or page in Google. Google Continuously changes its algorithms to stop spamming & to provide more accurate results to their users.

Google always looks for quality. More quality means higher rankings.  Google looks upon two factors to rank a site;

  • Quality
  • Trust/Popularity

According to these factors, Google has three types:

  1. White Hat SEO (High-Quality SEO techniques) – recommend to everyone by Google
  2. Black Hat SEO (low-quality SEO techniques) – Google consider these as spam
  3. Grey Hat SEO – (mix up White Hat & Black Hat SEO)

And SEO can be divided into two parts:

  1. On page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

How to Do SEO?

On-page SEO is the first part of SEO which has been done on the webpage of your site. Means, on page SEO is the process of optimization which is done on the webpage of a site.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step towards SEO. Your SEO efforts, Time, Results everything depends on the Keyword Research.  Right keywords can reduce your SEO efforts and boost your Rankings & traffic. But Wrong keywords can increase SEO efforts & waste your time with little to no results.

You should always take seriously to select keywords for your Site. You can Read this Complete Guide to do Keyword Research to find right keywords for your site & Business.

Always find keywords according to your business requirements, Audience, and the Competitive Power of your Domain. the Competitive Power of a Domain is depended upon the Domain age, Content, Backlink Profile, Domain Presence, Social Activeness etc. more Competitive Power means Can be rank on higher Competitive Keyword Terms.

Also, focus on user intent when you’re doing keyword research. If you want to sell something then use Commercial keywords & Longtail Keywords. But if you are want to write something informational then you should focus on Informational Keywords. But if you are looking for Traffic only Then you can Use seed Keywords.


Don’t Use Keywords for those Google Shows Direct Answers. Like as Donald Trump Age, What is my IP, ______ meaning etc. Google Shows Direct answers for these type Search terms. That’s why no one clicks on the SERP results.


Content is the base of the Digital Marketing. Without Content, You can’t grow in Digital World. But Without Good content, no one can be Successful.

Your Content Must Be High-Quality Content without any Spelling, grammatical mistake as well as unique without any duplicity or copyright.  For SEO, Your Content should be Search Engines Friendly. That is known as SEO Content, SEO Copywriting, and SEO Writing.

We need SEO Content to:

  1. Engage Users (Interesting)
  2. Solve/ Share Something (Informative)
  3. Ranks Higher On Google (SEO Optimized)

SEO Content must be written for users and Optimized for Search Engines.

Any content can be change to SEO friendly Content by making some changes and Updations. To make Content SEO friendly, Add Keywords their LSI Keywords (related Keyword terms), Related topic to that keyword.

Your Content Must be detailed, Unique, Fresh and easily understandable.


Don’t Use a keyword too much time in the content. Because keyword stuffing can hurt you & your Site. And Google Can Penalize your Site.

Title Tags

Titles are the important part of the SEO. Your page Title must be attractive, short & sweet. Users should be attracted towards your webpage and click on that after reading your content. If more users are doing clicks on your title In SERP, then it will increase your CTR (Click through Rate) that give a rapid boost to your rankings.

But No Clicks = No CTR= Ranking Loss.

That’s why you should use right title tags for your web pages. The title tag should not be longer than 65 characters (with spaces).


Use terms likes as; numbers, How to, Why, free, Discount, locations etc. in your Title. But use According to Web page Content. For example; if you want to sell something then add Terms like as- discount, offer etc. but if you want to write a guide or simple blog post then use terms like as How, Why etc.

Meta Description

Google uses Meta Tags to know about your webpage. So it is also an important part of On-page SEO. You should tell about your content in Meta description. You can write Meta Description up to 350 characters long. It means you can more explain your content in the Meta description.

Meta description also helps you to increase your Page CTR & Rankings in Google.


Permalinks are the address of your Web page. Like as- in this, What-is-SEO is the Permalink URL of this Web page.

Permalink must be short and unique for every page of the site. You can use your targeted keyword in the permalink. Try to write only 2-4 words in the URL.


Avoid date, special symbols or characters and too many slashes from the URL.

Image Optimization

You should also optimize all the images on your website. To optimize your Images, Write Alt txt for your images. Write Keyword In your Alt text. You should also give a proper name to your images that will be related to your Topic.

Alt Text Helps Google to know about your site images.

Internal & External Linking

Linking your Web pages with each other is also the best SEO strategy. It is called Internal linking.

Internal linking has many advantages. It helps you in many ways.  When you interlink your web pages with other then it will help your audience to read & know more about something. Means Users spend more time on your site. That is also a Google Ranking Factor.

Internal linking also helps you to improve your Bounce Rate as well as sends positive signals to Google about your Web page.

You can also link external sites or web pages in your content. It will also help your audience to know more about that topic as well as helps you with SEO.

Heading tags

Heading tags have been used to Highlight Headings & Subheadings of Content & setup content in complete format. Heading tags also help to improve readability.

There are six Heading tags from H1 to H6. H1 has used for the Page Title. H2 for Subheadings and H3 for Sub Sub Headings & so on…

In WordPress, WordPress Title is H1 Tag. You have no need to use H1Tag in WordPress.

Page Speed

Page Speed is a Google Ranking Factor, Google Officially announces that. If your Site takes more than 3 seconds to load then it may be a big issue for your site SEO & Rankings.

Try to keep your site load time under 2 seconds. There are many factors which can affect your site load time like as- hosting, site structure, images, other data, too many ads, scripts or CSS etc.

You should use a simple but professional design or theme and a reliable Premium Hosting like as- Siteground, Bluehost, Hostgator and Godaddy for your Site. But if you have large Site then you can use Kinsta or WpEngine Webhosting.

Also, use compressed images & gzip Compression, CDN and Cache System on your site.

Mobile Friendly

Google gives more priority to mobile than desktop. That’s why Google Launches Mobile-First Index to provide more mobile-friendly experience to Mobile users. Now Google looks on sites for Mobile devices and gives priority Mobile Friendly Sites on Mobile.

Make sure you have responsive & mobile friendly Site. But if your Site is not mobile friendly then re-design it and make mobile friendly.

You can use Google Mobile-Friendly Tool to check your Site.


Social signals also help you with SEO but indirectly. Google Officially said that they are not using social signals as ranking factor.

But Social signal helps you with SEO. When social media users engage with content then like, share, follow that then this content also gets a boost in SEO due to more engagements of users, and activity on that page.

So make your Social media presence more strong and be active on social media. You should ask your readers to share your content on social media.

The social presence can also help you to reach more audience and customers.


Backlinks are one of the major Google Ranking Factor. But there is no surety that more backlinks get higher rankings. It may be the cause of Google penalty if your site has links from spamming or low-quality sites.

Your backlinks must be from High-Quality sites and you should focus on the quality of the backlinks than the quantity of the backlinks.

Backlinks from Big sites like as: Forbes, Huff Post, CNN, New York Times can rapidly increase your site rankings, popularity, and Visibility. Because these are the High Authority sites. One backlink from big sites like these will be more strong & beneficial than 1000 backlinks from low-quality sites.

Always try to get backlinks from your niche related sites those links will help you to rank higher and easily.


SEO is one of the best fields of Digital Marketing that gives an advantage to your business in all way.  And anyone can start SEO easily. You have no need to be technical. Just be familiar with SEO terms & basics. You can do easily SEO for your site.

But if you are busy have no time or afraid to do it yourself then you can hire someone for SEO. But always prefer White Hat techniques for your site. Because these techniques are safer and help you in long run.

If you want to get my Help then you can Contact me for my SEO or Digital Marketing Services. But if you need any help or tips then feel free to contact me at [email protected].

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