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I help businesses to grow online using my proven strategies. 

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Proven Framework & Marketing Strategies

over the years of experience and continuous experiments & testing, I have my refined strategies that helps me to get results for any kind of business or website and in any industry. No matter, How big your competitors are, No matter, How competitive is your industry, I still can disrupt your market for you. I’ll crush your competition and get you to the blue ocean. You’ll be the brand in your industry. 

Digital Marketing Services, I Offer

I use the Omni Channel approach to Maximize growth. You must be there where your customers are. With my digital marketing consulting services I’ll help you to be in front of your customer at right time with the right message.



End-to-end digital marketing strategy that will unite your marketing across channels.


From technical SEO audit  to Google Penalty removal to link building at scale, I got you covered.


Content creation & marketing to reach, impress, and engage users and drive more sales.


More sales and revenue with highest ROAS on your paid advertising campaigns.

Social Media

build a community for your business that consumes your content and buys your products.


complete automation solutions to Run your business on auto-pilot with my proven frameworks.

Real Results That Deliver Growth & $$,$$$,$$$

Here are some results of my SEO, content marketing, and digital marketing campaigns.

SEO: Organic Traffic


Traffic = 700/day to 7200+ users per day
Conversion rate = 36.74%
ROI = 437%
Time = 8 months

Enterprise eCommerce Case Study

enterprise ecommerce seo case study

Traffic = 6,000,000+ users per day
Growth = 1000
ROI = 5.5x
Time = 12 months

B2b SaaS SEO Case Study

b2b SaaS SEO Case Study

Traffic = 25,000,000+ users per month
Conversion rate = 23.68%
ROI = 7x
Time = 6 months

SaaS Content Marketing


Traffic = 6800+ users per day
Backlinks = Hubspot, Forbes, Adweek, etc. 
Conversion rate = 18%
ROI = 270%
Time = 3 months


Who Is Harpreet Munjal?

Harpreet Munjal is an Entrepreneur and growth-digital marketing expert who is helping businesses to crush the competition grow their sales, revenue & ROI. Munjal has helped many family-owned (small businesses) as well as fotune brands like Adobe, Godaddy, 3dcart, and others to grow online. He has been featured on various top-publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur,, Wordstream, Search Engine Journal, HubSpot, Semrush, and others. Also, he writes regularly for leading publications like as Forbes, Entreprenuer, SEW, and others.

Why I'm The Best Digital Marketing Expert to Hire?

As a growth marketing consultant and expert I bring 10 years of digital marketing and web experience to help you plan and execute marketing strategies that generate leads, improve sales, and grow MRR. Using the marketing attribution model, I identify and eliminate bottlenecks that prevent you from growing while also optimizing campaigns and channels that drive positive Return On Investment for your business.

Together with my clients, I work to define the ideal prospect persona and find mediums and channels to effectively target them online. CEOs, VPs, Directors, and marketing managers in B2B, IT, software, startup, SaaS, and technology companies who engage my services find that their marketing now delivers leads on autopilot, allowing them to focus on scaling their companies.

Having an IT and web development background helps me see the complete picture and be able to set up marketing and sales funnels, tools, attribution models, tracking, and web plugins needed to streamline and optimize marketing operations.

  • Have an experienced digital marketing consultant and growth marketer on your team for half the cost of a full-time junior marketer employee.
  • My planning and execution are always focused on growth, lead generation and sales.
  • Prioritizing digital marketing tactics and activities that diver the biggest growth opportunities
  • Short-term tactics will deliver results within the first 1-3 months.
  • Long-term tactics are focused on improving your brand awareness, lead generation from organic traffic, growing trust in your brand, and establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry over the span of 1-3 years.
  • I can help you manage your marketing operations, set up and configure tools and platforms, and hire marketing team members to scale your company.
  • My services are fully customizable and will only include strategies and tactics that will help you grow.

Digital Marketing Consulting FAQs

if you need marketing advice or want to get started with marketing strategy, or want a growth in your business sales, then you should hire a digital marketing consultant.

Hiring a Marketing Consultant is useful because they can provide valuable marketing advice that you may not have otherwise considered. Marketing Consultancy helps you to improve your marketing campaigns so that your customers are more likely to spend time and money on your products and services.

Every option has its own pros and cons. Hiring a marketing consultant is most reliable and simplest solution to grow your business online. if you’re a small business, solopreneur with limited budget or even an enterprise wanna external help with strategy planning to achieve your goals, hiring a digital marketing expert can help you.

but if you have big budgets to spend then you can hire a marketing agency for your business.

To build your own marketing team, you need to start from scratch. This means recruiting top talent, setting up processes and systems, creating training programs, and building tools. Doing this alone can take years, and even then, it won’t guarantee success.

Hiring someone else to do your marketing work for you allows you to focus on your core competencies.

A digital marketing consultant works on developing strategies for online promotions through social media, paid ads, email marketing, Content marketing and SEO. They also work with businesses on improving conversion rates and increasing sales.

First of all, you need to understand your business goals and requirements before hiring a digital marketing expert. also, you must have an idea regarding the monthly budget that you can invest in marketing each month. before hiring a online marketing consultant, you should ask him for the case studies, past work experience, achievements, and how can he help you and the timeline.

No matter what stage your company is at, working with growth marketing consultants can help you improve your customer acquisition strategy and grow revenue with performance-based digital marketing services. My marketing consulting pricing starts at $700/month and is fully customizable to your company’s needs.

Just Starting
You have an investor(s) or are a self-funded company that generates revenue, and you want to reinvest it into marketing, lead generation and hire a digital marketing consultant. You are still figuring out product-market fit and need help with identifying your ideal customer profile and conducting market research.

You want to work with growth marketing consultant to establish your web presence, social media, email marketing, and other online properties and make them your main lead generation channels.

Growing company
 You’ve figured out product-market fit and are now looking to compete with other companies on the market. You’re doing at least $500k in ARR or are well funded. You don’t have a strong online presence, and it’s hard for your prospects to find your online. you have at least one full-time marketing expert on your team or are looking to add the first marketing consultant resource.

Established companies
You’ve been on the market for over 5 years, and your company is continuously growing. You have a team of marketing experts that takes care of the website, email, social media, paid advertising, and other marketing campaigns. You want to maximize all the key growth levers across your marketing and sales funnel and build a fully optimized growth engine. You want to grow organic traffic that will deliver you qualified leads and sales

Brands, Startups, Business Owners, Executives;
If you have an established or well-funded B2B, SaaS, software, technology, startup or IT company and need help with building or optimizing your marketing strategy to drive your sales pipeline, I can work with you as your digital marketing consultant, growth expert or fractional CMO.

Marketers & Agencies:
I work with clients and agency-side marketing experts who are looking to improve their inbound marketing, SEO, and lead generation. I can consult and coach your team and can execute marketing campaigns for you. When you work with me, I become a part of your team.

Yes, I offer only consulting services. I’ll only help you with strategy planning for your business. it can be useful for you if you have team to implement that.

Yes, I can help you to grow your company and profits by working with you as CMO. I’ll be responsible for the complete marketing of your business as well as building marketing team, processes and everything that your business needs to grow. I go beyond the limits when it comes to grow businesses.

Harpreet Munjal helped us to grow our revenue 2541.8% In just 3 months. He is one of the Best Digital Marketers, I have ever worked with in my career.
Michael L.
Business Owner
A genius mind who knows his stuff very well. Munjal helped me to Outrank Our Toughest Competitors with in just 4 months in a competitive niche.
J. Moore

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After this initial call if you find value then we will talk and see if we are able to work with you.. if we are then we will start work for you immediately.

but if you don’t want to continue then there is no issue… in that situation, you will have some free & amazing advice from us that can help you to grow your traffic and sales.