MonsterInsights Review 2024

Google Analytics is one of the best analytics tools to grow your website or blog online But only if you know how to set up Google Analytics on your website, and How to Use Google Analytics properly.

There are two methods to Setup & connect Google Analytics with your website; manually or By Using the Google Analytics Plugin (if you’re using WordPress)

In the Manual Method, you need to get code from your Google Analytics Account and add that code into your website Code in Header.php file. It must be added properly on all pages of your site to work properly. That’s why it can be frustrating and risky if you don’t have any experience with code or you’re a beginner. It is the best option for expert users.

The second method is for WordPress users only. It is very easy and for everyone. You can use a Google Analytics Plugin on your WordPress site or blog. 

Google Analytics Plugin like MonsterInsights can help you to set up Google Analytics for your site in just a few clicks and provide you with all the information in your WordPress site. MonsterInsights makes it easy, to use & understand analytical data for everyone even if you’re a beginner.

What Is MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress and is Owned by Awesome Motive (WPBeginners Parent Company). MonsterInsights is very easy-to-use plugin that offers advanced tracking and features.

How to Setup MonsterInsights on WordPress?

It is very easy to connect MonsterInsights with WordPress. Even a Beginner can do that in just a few minutes. There is no coding knowledge required. 

Here are steps to Setup MonsterInsights:

Step 1: Install and activate MonsterInsights Plugin

Step 2: Authenticate with Google Account.

Then Go to Insights (under WP dashboard Menu) << Settings. Here click on the Authenticate with Your Google Account Button to connect your Website with Google Analytics.

After clicking on the button, A popup will appear just click on the Next << Click to get Google Code.

Step 3: Grant Access to MonsterInsights

log in to your Gmail account and click on the allow button to grant Google Analytics access to MonsterInsights.

Step 4: Generate GA Code

Copy the generated code and paste that in MonsterInsights and click on the Next Button.

Step 5: Choose Analytics Profile

Select the Analytics Profile from the Drop-down then Save Changes.

What are the Features of MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights offers many amazing features that you can’t get with any other Google Analytics plugin. This is the reason that I use MonsterInsights on every site or blog.

Here are some important features of MonsterInsights:

Easy to Setup and Use

MonsterInsights is very easy to setup. Anyone can use MonsterInsights Very Easily. MonsterInsights UI is very User-friendly which makes it more easy to use.

Real-Time Reports 

MonsterInsights analytics report

You can find Real-Time Data and reports with MonsterInsights in your WordPress site. You can check the Active Users on your Site in real time with MonsterInsights.

E-commerce Tracking

If you have an E-commerce/woo-commerce Store or you’re selling products online through your website then e-commerce tracking is the must-use feature of MonsterInsights.


With MonsterInsights Ecommerce Tracking, you can easily track your product sales and can find important data like which product has generated most sales, which are your most popular products. You can use these reports to take the right actions to grow your Sales.

Easy Digital Downloads Tracking

MonsterInsights review

If you are using Easy Digital Downloads on your website then you can easily track downloads of your digital products. MonsterInsights will track your website downloads and provide you with data in easy-to-understand reports. 

LifterLMS Tracking

If you are offering paid courses or have a lifterLMS site then MonsterInsights can help you to track your courses signup data so you can understand which course is getting more signups and which one not.

MemberPress Tracking

If you are using MemberPress Plugin to create a membership site on WordPress then MonsterInsights can help you grow your Membership site. MonsterInsights will track your Membership site data and provide your reports to take right decisions.

Ads Tracking

If you are using an ad network Like Adsense or any Alternative then you can track your ad data with MonsterInsights. 

MonsterInsights Ads Tracking

MonsterInsights will track everything like clicks, Impressions, CTR, etc. so you can know about your ads like which ad works best for you. 

File Download Tracking

MonsterInsights file download Tracking

MonsterInsights can track downloads for different types of files like images, MP3, Video files, Pdf, GIF, ZIP files, Word Doc file, and many others. This will be the best feature if you offer these types of files. 

Universal Tracking

MonsterInsights Offers Universal Tracking. This helps you to get more accurate data than any Other Google Analytics Plugin. If a user has opened your website on mobile but then he switches to the desktop version on the mobile browser then Normally Google Analytics will count it two different visits but MonsterInsights Counts it only one visit. So you get more accurate data to plan your future.

Popular Post Tracking

You can track and find the most popular posts or pages on your site with MonsterInsights. 

Popular Posts Pages

You can find which posts are getting more traffic so you can plan what type of content you should publish.

Custom Dimensions

With MonsterInsights, you can track your own custom data reports to know more deeply about your website and user behavior. 

MonsterInsights Custom dimension

You can track Author, Categories, Post types, SEO Scores, and many others to get advanced data about your site.

Referral Tracking

With referral tracking, you can find which marketing effort works and which not. You can get detailed data about which marketing channel is sending you more traffic and which one not. You can plan your marketing strategy according to that.

AMP Tracking

If you are using Google AMP on your site then you need to track your AMP pages to get analytical data about those. And you can do that with MonsterInsights. MonsterInsights can easily track your AMP reports so you can know more about your mobile users.

Facebook Instant Article Tracking

Normally, you can’t get enough insights about your Facebook Instant Article pages in your Goggle Analytics but if you use MonsterInsights then you can solve this problem and can track your Facebook instant article pages and can see important analytical data in reports.

Forms Tracking

You can track all your WordPress forms with the MonsterInsights form tracking feature. You can get data views, submissions, conversion rates, etc. about your forms.

Affiliate Tracking

If you are making money with affiliate marketing then you should track your affiliate links to secure your earnings or affiliate commission. You can track your all Affiliate links by using the MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a free Google tool to perform A/B testing. But it could be quiet difficult to implement and use Google Optimize on your WordPress site. But With MonsterInsights Google Optimize addon, you can implement Google Optimize on your site in just a few clicks and can perform A/B testing for your sites.

EU Compliance

MonsterInsights EU compliance addon can help you to make your WordPress site comply with the latest EU laws like GDPR.

Scroll-Depth Tracking

MonsterInsights Scroll Tracking is one of the best and important feature to track user-engagement for your site. And to understand the user-behavior of your audience.

Scroll depth tracking

It helps you to get insights about important placements like CTAs, Your webpages quality, content depth, and etc.  

And many others.

Why you need to Use MonsterInsights?

There are four main reasons that you should Use MonsterInsights for your Site:

  1. You can set up Google Analytics easily and properly.
  2. Advanced Tracking Options
  3. You can see analytics reports in WordPress
  4. Easy-to-Understand Reports
  5. Clean Code, Doesn’t affect site performance

Why MonsterInsights Is Best Than Others?

Here are some important things that make MonsterInsights the best Google Analytics Plugin;

  1. Good User-Experience
    MonsterInsights has a very user-friendly UI that provides a good user experience to users and helps webmasters to understand reports easily and make the right decisions to grow their online business.
  2. All Tracking Features
    MonsterInsights is the only Google Analytics plugin that offers advanced and all types of tracking features. You do not need to buy different tracking tools and waste your money. MonsterInsights can track everything for you; eCommerce tracking to form tracking affiliate tracking to download tracking and many others.
  3. Most Popular Plugin
    MonsterInsights is one of the most popular WordPress plugins and the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress with more than 2 million active installs. Because it is easy to use and has more features.
  4. Best option For All Size Businesses
    Any level & type of business can use MonsterInsights. MonsterInsights is able to help you to grow No Matter that you’re a beginner or large Corporate like Coca Cola, Bloomberg. Yes! Coca Cola, Bloomberg, Salesforce and many other big brands are using MonsterInsights to grow their business. 
  5. Budget-Friendly
    MonsterInsights is the Budget-friendly option to grow your website/blog online. It has various plans for different requirements. But if you don’t have enough budget then don’t worry, MonsterInsights Offers a free version also but with limited features.
  6.  Support
    MonsterInsights offers amazing support to its customers. You will get custom support plus tutorials to set up and use your plugin.

MonsterInsights Free (Lite) Vs. Pro

MonsterInsights Lite Version has very limited features. I will only recommend you if you don’t have enough budget to buy MonsterInsights Pro version. 

But if you have a budget and are serious about your Website or blogging growth then you should definitely buy MonsterInsights Pro Version.

What is the Pricing Plans for MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights has three pricing plans; Plus, Pro and Agency. 

Monsterinsights pricing plans

MonsterInsights Plus Plan

MonsterInsights Plus Plan is best for small businesses and publishers who have a limited budget and small sites but they want to grow more. 

MonsterInsights plus Plan Normally Costs you $199 per year.

MonsterInsights Pro Plan 

MonsterInsights Pro Plan is best for businesses and eCommerce sites that want to grow faster and want big results. MonsterInsights Pro Plan has everything that a site needs to grow. 

MonsterInsights Pro Plan Costs you $399 per year and you can use it on five sites.

MonsterInsights Agency Plan 

MonsterInsights Agency plan is the best option for Marketing and web development agencies. If you are a Digital Marketing or WordPress Development Company Owner or have more than 10 sites then this Plan is best for you.

MonsterInsights Agency Plan costs you $799 per year with 25 sites license.

But if you want to buy the MonsterInsights plugin Now Then you can get a 50% Discount on the MonsterInsights plugin. You can Buy MonsterInsights at half price as the MonsterInsights Pro plan in just $99, and plan in $199, and the MonsterInsights Agency plan in $399.

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Final Words

I’m Using MonsterInsights from a Long while. It is my Must use plugin because of its amazing features. MonsterInsights increases the power of Google Analytics and provides you reports in a very simple way in your WordPress site. If you really want to grow your WordPress site/blog or eStore and want to convert that into an online money-making machine then you should definitely try and use MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin.

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